Memory Dash was created by four Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) students as a senior project, also known as the Major Qualifying Project. Read their developer bios below.

Alex Schwartz

alex Alex Schwartz is a game developer/technical 3d artist with a passion for innovation, games, and that sweet spot where they coexist. Most of the time, Alex tries to span the disciplines of programming and art distributes his time among art asset creation, scripting, and designing games. Alex has worked on multiple project teams to complete some small but interesting games. Alex's roles on the Memory Dash project included 3d art, texturing, GUI, and some scripting/animation work in the Unity engine. He is currently completing his senior year at WPI and is actively seeking an industry position beginning in May 2009.

Beth Beinke

beth Elisabeth Beinke is an art developer and game designer with a passion for 3D modeling, texturing, and level design. She has worked on several games and projects in the past including Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria, the WPImap project, and several other small-production games. In Memory Dash, she was one of two artists on the team, and was responsible for overall game design; level design and implementation, including modeling and texturing; user interface design; and overall artistic development. She will be receiving her degree in Interactive Media and Game Development from WPI in May of 2009.

Josh Doyle

josh Josh Doyle is a game developer currently completing his senior year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Josh contributed to the Memory Dash project by doing a large amount of gameplay programming and work directly in the Unity editor.

Keilin Bickar

keilin Keilin Bickar is a computer science major currently completing his senior year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Keilin contributed to the Memory Dash project by creating most of the backbone of the game, server code, multiplayer, and many of the game mechanics that are essential components of the final product.