Various 3d works

Non-game asset - Drumset created for the game 'iGotBand' A cobblestone material generated by modeling geometry and using Maya transfer maps to create color and normal maps. A weaved wire sheath material created in Maya / Crazy Bump. Color map and displacement map. A segway transport vehicle modeled from reference pictures. Wooden docks in turbulent water. From the 'Soda' animation.
Loading screen from the WPImap. Modeling by Beth Beinke Cartooney cactus from the 'Soda' animation. See the videos section. Cover for an article on Matt Carter - Web Typographer Magazine spread for an article on Matt Carter - Full size <a href="./media/webtype_big.jpg">here.</a> A small Midi controller created for a rhythm game (iGotBand)
Mudbox sculpt of an evil pumpkin. Normal map applied to low poly mesh in Maya. Maya render of an outlet and plug. A field with two mushrooms Computer store level rendered in Maya. Final Gather lighting baked into the meshes. All models and textures by Alex. Car dealer level rendered in Maya. All models and textures by Alex.
Logotype created for fictional game company. Credits to Elisabeth Beinke and Vicky Zukas for design critique and ideas. A render of the 'Monkeys Left Eye' main character's accessories. Game website located <a href=''>here.</a> Main character for 'Monkeys Left Eye', created in Maya and skinned in Bodypaint3D. Rigged and animated. <a href=''>More info.</a> Splash screen for SolidWorks DWGEditor 2009 Pre-Release, created in Photoshop The WPImap kiosk modeled for use in the WPImap
A treasure chest overflowing with coins. Poster for the interactive play 'Synesthesia' Shirt design done for a Solidworks-sponsored race. Done in illustrator using a Wacom Cintiq Designs for the Create the Future ad campaign. Wright Bros plane with jet engines render was used publically. Miniature faking with a WPI campus aerial view. Click <a href="./media/real_aerial.jpg">here.</a> for the original.


Here you will find a collection of audiovisual works created for personal projects or school assignments. Most of the animations were done in Maya, editing done using Final Cut Studio and Compressor. All video content created solely by Alex Schwartz unless otherwise noted.
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'Pipe render'

    The inner-workings of a concept sustainable energy machine.


'Segway 3d Model'

    Render of a Segway vehicle modeled in Maya


'Film Arts Revolution Animation'

    A short intro animation for a film company.



    4 part machinima mini-series created with a group of 8 classmates. Entitled 'WAKING'. Featured

on many game video websites and a contestant for multiple machinima video contests. Click on the image to the right to see screenshots and more info.


Web design

For the most part, when I complete a game, I create a website to go along with it. Here you will find some websites I've created. The older ones are modified templates, with the newer ones created from scratch with CSS/XHTML.


Website created for the game SpringFling, an iPhone game created in my spare time. Created in three days using CSS and HTML.


Memory Dash

Website created for the game Memory Dash, a multiplayer iPhone game created for eBay Research Labs. Created in two days using CSS and XHTML.

This was one of my first websites, and has undergone many design revisions. This is the latest theme, and contains a constantly rotating banner image, as well as many pages of original content and videos.

This website was created for my late father's computer store, Danbury Multimedia Center. All of the content was written by hand specifically for this site.

This site was purchased from templatemonster and I was hired to customize it and fill it with relevant content. The loading video was customized as well as the main portfolio page, in Flash.

This the previous design to GTProductions. It was created from scratch. Thanks to Josh Dick for the CSS and PHP assistance.

This is the website for the WPImap 3d Interactive Tour as well as the original Halo map of campus. I assisted with content creation, as well as small site modifications to css and lightbox.