SpringFling – Pre-alpha gameplay

Well, I should have posted this 3 weeks ago, but better late than never, right?

I’m currently developing an iPhone game in Unity and wanted to show a snippet of gameplay for my fans (yeah right, no one actually reads this). This video features an early snapshot of core gameplay. The basic concept is that you’re a spring and your goal is simply to “Go up.” The design is being fleshed out as we speak but the basics are down. There’s no art, no level design, just pure prototype-y goodness. Those who attended the last Boston Indies meeting should be familiar with this, as this is what I demoed on the big screen.

More info after the jump.

SpringFling Pre-alpha Video 1 from Alex Schwartz on Vimeo.

You’ll notice some substantial lag issues, but that’s mostly due to the screen recording software used and the fact that there is still optimization to be done. So yeah, keep checking back for updates on this. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be in beta :) I’m planning on putting in 3 solid hours per night for the next 7 days, if possible. Yay for medium-low scope games!


  1. I'm your #1 fan. So what if thats number represents quantity rather than importance? ;)

    Cool game.

    Wheres a good place to learn all the physics and algo's behind the spring movement? Besides college?

  2. #1 :P

    Well, fortunately for me, PhysX is a pretty complete physics package, so much of the spring controller involved adding forces at key times and calculating rotations based on finger/mouse delta. It takes some knowledge of trigonometry to get the math correct, but other than that, there's more trial and error than I'd like to admit. Basically code rough and tweak until it feels right.