Learning resources for Unity

More and more I’m asked the question: What’s the best way to learn Unity? For those who would like to get up to speed as fast as possible, I’ve aggregated some learning resources to help.

Unity3D Student

Will Goldstone’s collection of videos that cover all the basics of working in the editor starting with the Essentials Module and going up to intermediate difficulty.  I would label this as recommended reading (or watching).

3dBuzz Unity Series

I’m a big fan of 3dBuzz and their tutorial series. Check out their new Unity section :)

TornadoTwins / UnityPrefabs learning resources

TornadoTwins do a good job of showing Unity from a beginner perspective. Check out their Youtube link for some more content.

Unity3d Tutorial section

Tutorials straight from the source – Unity provides some great tutorials right on their website.

Unity3d Example Projects section

More content from Unity’s main website – this time a collection of example projects to pick through and do some self-learning.

Unifycommunity Tutorials

A community gathering of new (and old) tutorials found on the web

Unifycommunity Script Samples

If you’re like me, you’d love to see the code right off the bat and learn by reading code others have written. This is the ultimate resource for sample code.

design3 Unity Tutorials

If you’ve got a couple of bucks, check out design3’s Unity resources, the new official tutorial provider for Unity. Very high quality stuff.

InfiniteAmmo’s Tutorial Series

Alec from InfiniteAmmo has put up some video tutorials going through the basics of Unity. Recently he’s been re-doing them using Unity 3.

Unity Tutorials collection on Reddit

Another great aggregator of Unity tutorial links, this time in Reddit form

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