Boston gamedevs take over IGDA newsletter

If you’re a member of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), you most likely receive a monthly newsletter. June’s IGDA Perspectives newsletter, focused on iPhone/iPod/iPad development, was particularly notable. Without prior planning, FOUR of the articles written for the newsletter were authored by Boston-area indie game developers. As a member of this awesome group of individuals, I take great pride in seeing Boston Indies in the spotlight.

Darius Kazemi wrote up the ‘Chapter Spotlight: Boston Chapter‘ article (pg. 4), Elliott Mitchell wrote about ‘Going Indie‘ (pg.5), Emily Daniels spoke about ‘Scalability Concerns – Art for the iPhone and iPad‘ (pg. 6), and I wrote an article entitled ‘Technically Speaking – Developing in Unity‘ (pg. 7). To top it off, as Darius pointed out, “there’s even an article from a guy who works for WGBH”!

A huge kudos to all the authors and a tip of the hat to those who are representing the Boston scene. This goes to show that even on an international level, Boston is exceeding expectations in the game industry and eating Cali’s lunch. <Let the flame wars begin>

Check out the June IDGA Perspectives Newsletter (PDF) below:


Also note the 3 (count em, three) separate references to B.U.G. in the newsletter. Thanks for the momentum and support!

Since this is a Unity-focused blog, I’ve also hosted the Unity iPhone article for convenience (and to toot my own horn :P ). You can grab that by clicking the image below:



  1. Congrats guys! You deserve it for all of the hard work!

  2. Thanks Mani and I look forward to your UnityCreative writeup of Unity Day.

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