[B.U.G.] Unity Day profiled in UnityCreative Magazine

This May, Thomas Pasieka began shipping UnityCreative; a bi-montly electronic magazine for Unity game developers. Earlier today marked the release of the July-August issue, jam-packed with some great content. I would highly recommend grabbing a copy (only 6 bucks) if you are a Unity user or could be considered Unity-curious ;).

Thanks to Mani of InfiniteUnity3d, Unity Day received a great writeup in this month’s issue! With permission from Tom, here’s the snippet:

You can find out more information and grab the magazine right on the 3dAttack site.


  1. Thanks for the writeup Mani and Tom!

    OMG! I think Alex needs to be in these shots. I look like I’m B.U.G.(ging) out. Seriously, I need a makeover if I’ll have my image published like this much more.

    Thanks Guys!
    Elliott ( @MrT3D )

  2. Great looking post. I love the way you do the PDF Files. I’m going to update a write-up about this sometime this weekend.

    Looking forward to you coming to Atlanta for SIEGE 2010!