[B.U.G.] August Unity Showdown

Special guest writeup by level designer Beth Beinke

On August 31st, the Boston Unity Group (B.U.G.) held it’s second meeting. MIT’s New England R&D center  (more fondly known as NERD) graciously hosted the get-together. It was great to see that so many people in the Boston area are either using Unity in their own projects or are Unity aficionados themselves. There were about 40-50 people in attendance. Props to Alex Schwartz and Elliott Mitchell for organizing the event!

The evening started out with everyone’s favorite Turkish developer Yilmaz Kiymaz giving the group a talk about how to use editor scripts within Unity to maximize your workflow.  Essentially, he guided the group through how you can create your own editor scripts to increase productivity in ways like making custom editor windows, changing settings on multiple objects at once, and optimizing lighting tools.

Speaker Yilmaz next to a beer tower at CBC

Yilmaz and a CBC beer tower

After Yilmaz’s rocking talk, the evening moved on to several demos from different individuals and groups. It is always very exciting to see how Unity is being used and tweaked to make new and interesting products. First off was Defective Studios, who gave us a brief look into how they created editor scripts for Unity to make it into a modular world building tool that is being used for their upcoming platformer game, Needlemouse: The Emerald Hill.  Next, Chris from Infrared5 demoed Brass Monkey, an SDK which allows an iPhone/iPod Touch for example to be used as a controller input for web-based Unity games. Specifically, the technology was being shown with the Unity game they developed for the Star Wars website called Star Wars Trench Run.

After Infrared 5, we saw a tech demonstration from Mark Sullivan at MIT who had integrated softbody physics into Unity. We got to see some interesting bouncing (and melting!) mushrooms, which was fun.  Following Mark was Dastardly Banana Productions who demoed their FPS weapons pack, which included numerous types of FPS style weapons and affects. There was even a ‘singularity’ weapon shown.  Next, Mike Carriere shared with us his progress with learning Unity via a quick Connect 4 style game that he had worked on.

Rounding off the demos, event coordinator Alex Schwartz showed us his team’s game from the previous weekend’s “Immigration Jam”:  an iOS game called Smuggle Truck. The game plans to be available on the Apple App Store soon.

Since this B.U.G. meeting was not sponsored, it was assumed that free food would not be provided, so there were plans to stop by Cambridge Brewing Company for beers and dinner after the event. We were happily surprised when the people running an event next door to us graciously offered us their trays of food leftover from their own BBQ party.  Yummy ribs, chicken, and watermelon were consumed while everyone stood around chatting with each other about the possibilities of Unity. Some members split at this point, while some went on to CBC to keep the night going.

Once again, thanks to Alex and Elliott for organizing the event, Yilmaz for giving us an awesome talk, all of the people and companies who demoed their cool Unity projects, and MIT NERD for having us there.  It will definitely be interesting to see what new projects people will be sharing at the next meeting.

Check out the event videos courtesy of ARandomGeezer!


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